G.R.A.C.E. July 4th 9/11 Tribute Run
The Glen Rock Assistance Council & Endowment

The sudden, unexpected loss of Brad Jordan, without whom GRACE would not exist, has left our community in shock.

It was Brad who made the calls, pulling a group together because he couldn't see or think of others in pain and not do something. I remember when he called me.

It was Brad who went to the pits of debris from the fallen buildings and selected the piece of steel that now stands as the backbone of our town's 9/11 memorial.

It was Brad who stood among a small group when that piece of steel was set in its place in town.

It was Brad who wrote the charter for G.R.A.C.E.

It was Brad who stood up for us all at the first memorial service, choking back tears, to provide catharsis for our little borough.

As far as I'm concerned, it was Brad who selflessly gave heart to the organization that still exists.

And all of the above is only a tiny portion of that which he gave to our community and his family.

She didnt see it, but when his beautiful, talented wife Susan contacted me because the family wants donations to come to the 9/11 chartity for which Brad was a founder, my eyes welled up and I choked back tears.

We would rather have our friend back than donations...

Donation checks should be made to "The Glen Rock Assistance Council and Endowment" and please write "Brad Jordan" on the check.

Mail to:

The Glen Rock Assitance Council and Endowment
Borough Hall
Harding Plaza
Glen Rock, NJ 07452