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Sewer scoping inspectors evaluate home sewer lines and give potential homebuyers beneficial reports. At Pillar To Post™ in your area, our team is skilled to use dedicated tools and techniques to look at a property's sewer and give you useful information about its condition.

Some damage revealed in the analysis can turn into something much larger problem later on, costing you more time and money to repair. As the premier nationwide home inspection provider, we assist buyers in the real estate market make savvy investment choices. Allow us to use our top-of-the-line technology and experience to offer the best possible sewer scoping inspection services.

What Can Sewer Scope Inspectors Do?

Inspecting a sewer system with the use of a small, water-resistant camera is called sewer scoping. It has the capability to identify any problems, avoiding unwanted surprises after the home is purchased. You can save significant time and money in the end by performing an inspection.

What Variety of Tool Is Used During Sewer Scope Inspections and How is it Conducted?

Sewer scoping is carried out by fastening a specialized camera to a cable that’s put inside of a sewer line to check for issues. It’s a compact, water-resistant camera adapted with a powerful light source that provides high-definition images and videos. You can check where it's located at any time, and it will show any blockages, cracks, leaks, or other damage you should be aware of. Sewer scoping inspections are completed by licensed professionals who can reveal important information including the age and materials used and whether renovations are needed.

How Can an In-Depth Sewer Scope Inspection Assist You in Making More Informed Decisions About a House?

Potential homebuyers get a detailed look at the condition of their property with a comprehensive inspection, which involves a sewer line inspection. Sewer scoping is the most effective way to accomplish this by using specially-made tools intended to be as accurate as possible. These are some of the advantages of hiring a contractor to inspect a home’s sewer lines:

  • Identify potential issues: Inspecting your sewer line can show you any underlying issues with the sewer line, from leaks to blockages and cracks. Knowing what condition it's in before purchasing a home, lets you negotiate repairs or replacements.
  • Avoid unexpected costs: Replacements or repairs for sewer lines can be expensive, so checking for damage in advance can help you stop it from getting worse.
  • Plan for future repairs: Even if there aren’t any issues, an inspection can help you understand the sewer line's condition and age. Doing this, you can arrange and set funds aside for any repairs or replacements once you’ve bought it.
  • To prevent health hazards: Some damage can cause sewage backups and leaks, which equals hazards to your health and bad odors.
  • To ensure compliance with regulations: Some municipalities ask for a sewer scope inspection to be completed before selling a property or doing major restorations. Sewer scoping ensures you’re in adherence with local mandates.

Call Us ASAP About Receiving an In-Depth Sewer Scope Inspection for More Insight Into the Condition of a House

Pillar To Post™ does in-depth sewer scoping inspections and provides an all-inclusive report of findings for potential homebuyers to think about as they compare properties. Our team has the greatest resources and vast knowledge, so we’re a first-rate option for various home inspections. Learning about the condition of a residential sewer line can be invaluable information that'll make things hassle-free later on. If you’re in your area, reach out to our inspectors to book an inspection today.

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